Selle SMP Saddles - How To Choose

Select padding

1. Select the padding level (Pro Saddles)

SMP4BIKE Professional line models are divided in the table on the right based on the padding level, starting from Carbon models and models without padding, to models with high padding.

Pant size

2. What’s your pant size? (Pro/Tri/TT Saddles)

The models most suited to your physical build are marked with the symbol in the column that matches your pant size. Based on the previously selected padding level, find one or more models to choose from for the road test*. All models are UNISEX.

Test the saddle

3. Test the saddle (Pro/Tri/TT Saddles)

Visit our website, send us an e-mail or call us to find your nearest SMP4TEST dealer. You can test a saddle on your bike without any purchase obligations. A short adjustment period may be required for the new saddle: to guarantee the reliability of the test, you should ride the saddle at least four-five times, making the necessary adjustments. For further information on assembly and adjustments, see the instructions here.

Pro Saddles
Tri & TT Saddles