SMP Saddle Finder / STool

Selle SMP is proud to announce the launch of
Saddle Finder App

Many cyclists do not know how to choose the SMP models best suited to them?

Do some retailers have difficulty supporting their customers?

From now on everything is easier with Saddle Finder! 

Saddle Finder

SMP Saddle Finder - NEW!

Thanks to Saddle Finder everyone can discover in just a few seconds the SMP saddles best suited to their body configuration, practiced discipline and personal preferences.

Just download the free "Selle SMP" app.

It is available in 6 languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Dutch) for:

IOS (Apple App Store) / Android (Google Play)

Or run the app through the SMP Website

Saddle Finder App

Saddle Finder can be used with the new S-Tool
(Sit Bones Measurement Tool)


STOOL is available in two versions at paricipating SMP Test Saddle Demo Centers (stores are free to choose the one that best suits their needs).

  • Tablet: light, easy to move and to be placed on a rigid surface about 45 cm high to make a correct measurement.
  • Seat: great aesthetic impact and able to attract consumers into the store.

This is a key step in finding the right SMP models for every person.

Stores are always essential to provide quality service to cyclists. That's why we have created  STOOL as an integral part of Saddle Finder - that allows to measure the width of sit bones. 
Instructions (PDF)
Instructions (Video)
Test Program Stores
The stores that are equipped with STOOL are those that participate in the SMP Test Saddle Demo Center program. Participating stores will be included in our store locator as S-Tool Point.

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