Selle SMP Accessories

SMP Volo Bike Travel Bag

The SMP Volo Bike Travel Bag is compatible with any type of bicycle; road, mountain bike, gravel, e-bike, and triathlon. It is also compatible with thru axle and/or quick release brakes. The bike attaches on the bottom bracket. It includes a bag inside for carrying helmet and shoes.

SMP Volo Bag
SMP Volo Bag
SMP Volo Bag

Saddle Rain Cover

Waterproof! - Easy to install!  - 100% Handmade in Italy!

Code - ZRAINCOVERTRK (for all SMP models, except for MARTIN TOURING and E-BIKE models)

Code - ZRAINCOVERMAR (for MARTIN TOURING and E-BIKE models only)

The Saddle Rain Cover is a must have to easily protect your SMP saddle from rain and weather. The integrated rear bag allows you to hold the waterproof cover while using the bicycle and quickly apply it to the saddle when needed.

The cover is designed for TRK Medium and TRK Large models, but it is compatible with all Tourism saddles, except MARTIN TOURING and E-BIKE models. It will soon be available in the version for the MARTIN TOURING Medium and MARTIN TOURING Medium Gel saddles.

SMP Handlebar Tapes
- NEW!

Bar Tape Grip

Bar Tape Grip 2.0

  • HPP - High Performance Polymer (100% Italian)
  • Thickness: 2,8 mm
  • Color/Code: Black (GRIP-N), White (GRIP-B)
Bar Tape Grip Gel

Bar Tape Grip Gel 2.0

  • HPP - High Performance Polymer (100% Italian)
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Color/Code: Black (GRIPGEL-N), White (GRIPGEL-B)
SMP saddlebag - Road
Saddle Bag For ROAD
  • L 11 cm x W 6 cm x H 6 cm
  • L 4.3 in x W 2.4 in x H 2.4 in.
  • 396 cc – 13.4 fluid oz
SMP saddlebag - MTB
Saddle Bag For MTB
  • L 16 cm x W 6 cm x H 7 cm
  • L 6.3 in x W 2.4 in x H 2.8
  • 672 cc – 22.7 fluid oz
Dealer Bar Tape Display
Selle SMP Leather Wipes - Accessories

SMP Saddle Leather Wipes
(Leather Protector)

Available as:

One Wiper
- or -
Wipers Display (10 Wipers)


The Leather Protector cleaning wipe is the natural ally of leather seats.

Leather Protector improves resistance to friction and protects leather by forming an invisible breathable barrier that makes it resistant to water, oil or alcohol stains. The surface becomes easier to clean, therefore increasing seat duration.

It is easy to use: after cleaning the seat, just rub it with Leather Protector. Then the leather can be polished with a dry cloth. It is suitable for all leathers, except nabuck and suedes.

Leather Protector is part of the smp4bike range

Fan Go
FAN-GO Bicycle Fender - NEW !

FAN - GO is the smart accessory designed for your SMP4BIKE saddle. You will realize it's there only when you need it!

It protects your back and your groin area in bad weather or in muddy tracks

You set it up and remove in a few seconds without the use of tools.

Resistant, light and easy to carry.

Please Note: FAN-GO is not compatible with the following models: TRK Medium, TRK Medium Gel, TRK Large, TRK Large Gel, Martin Touring, Martin Touring Gel, Martin Fitness, E-Bike Medium, E-Bike Large, Well Junior, Carbon, Carbon Lite, Full Carbon, Full Carbon Lite, and all of the Triathlon Series saddles.

SMP Maskera Cycling Face Masks / Black

The SMP cycling mask is an anti-pollution and adjustable filter cycling filter mask of ergonomic design. The fixing and adjustment system is in Lycra® XTRA LIFE ™. The non-woven fabric inner layer is made of hypoallergenic and anti-irritation polypropylene with high filtering, water-repellent and breathable capacity. The outer layer is made of polyester. 100% Handmade in Italy.

Masks | PPE for Social Distancing

Note: This product makes no claims that it will cure or prevent Coronavirus, Influenza, or COVID-19, only that it is designed to be a dependable and sustainable solution to your personal protective equipment needs by reducing facial contamination.

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