Nalini Fabric Technology / Fitting

Nalini Fitting

Fitting is one of the main features of technical garments to grant easy movements. Nalini has developed three different Fittings according to body anatomy and use, in order to meet the requirements of every cyclist, from the professional to the amateur.


Perfectly tight fitting garments, that wrap the body like a second skin, developed to ensure maximum performance.


Garments with anatomical and ergonomic cut for demanding cyclists.


Standard fitting garments with a particular care to the comfort.

Nalini Sizes

The chart gives indications based on the correspondence of Nalini sizes and body measures expressed in centimeters. In order to set exact size, measurements should be taken on the naked body, meter must perfectly adhere to the skin without enlace.

Moa sizing

Nalini Fabrics

Nalini know how and manufacturing experience all over the whole production cycle, allows the development of different fabrics and treatments depending on the use. Fabrics are gathered according to their major features such as protection from weather conditions, thermal insulation and breathability. Each group presents different levels, from Xlight to Xwarm. Weight however is no longer the main protection feature, new generation fibres grant indeed same protection even by using lightweight fabrics and fulfil at the same time dynamic sport’s first need. Additionally each fabric may be subjected to specific treatments or combined with membranes to improve both features and performance.

Cold Moa

Cold Moa fabrics, thanks to their high thermal insulation and breathability, keep the body warm and dry even by extreme cold weather. Elastic yarns grant exceptional fitting and pleasant softness. In order to better meet thermal protection requirements, Cold Moa fabrics are realized in 3 versions depending on weight, treatments and membranes.

Cold Moa  Medium  -- --
Cold Moa  Warm  Nanodry  3 L Mantotex 
Cold Moa  Xwarm  Manto W.R.T.  3 L Mantotex/Mantovent 
Hot Moa

Hot Moa fabrics are distinguished by high breathability and lightweight. They keep the body cool and dry both by extreme hot and milder weather. Elastic yarns grant optimal fitting and pleasant softness. Hot Moa fabrics are realized in 3 versions depending on weight, treatments and membranes.

Hot Moa  XLight Mantodry --
Hot Moa  Light Mantodry --
Hot Moa  Medium  Mantodry   --
Wool Moa

Wool Moa fabrics are realized in Merino Wool 100%, main properties are high breathability and softness. Wool Moa fabrics themselves own an organic thermoregulation property keeping the body cool and dry both by extreme hot and milder weather. Fabric yarns give the garments exceptional fitting and pleasant softness. Wool Moa fabrics are realized in 2 weight versions.

Wool Moa  Light -- --
Wool Moa  Medium  -- --

Nalini Treatments

The research of Nalini is applied through the support of specialized suppliers, to the development of particular treatments and yarn able to enhance the fabrics technical features and their performances, according to the different uses.


The key features of this treatment include water repellence and high breathability, which allow the fabrics to perform event better than any other similar technology on the market, even in dry weather. Our lab tests have shown that the garments treated with our Nanodry technology are 4-5 times more breathable than those undergoing the standard water repellent treatments.

Manto W.R.T.
The revolutionary waterproof treatment with a drops roll-off effect rejects water, but also oil and mud, preventing them from penetrating into the fibres. The result is not only a maximum protection from the weathering but also easy wash and long lasting garments.
Manto D.W.R.
The MANTO D.W.R. (where D.W.R. stays for durable water repellent) is a treatment which repels water with a drop roll-on effect, but also oil and mud, hence preventing them from penetrating into the fibres. This ensures maximum weather protection, as well as easy wash and garment’s durability.
This treatment promotes transpiration, so that moisture is quickly wicked away fromt the garment. The optimized synthetic fibre promotes consistent evaporation and more effective heat exchange. This treatment resists to gentle washing and remains unaltered over time.

Cold Black®

The Coldblack® technology is a special treatment that enables the dark fabrics to reflect the sun rays and guarantees a minimum UPF 30 protection, making them suitable for the use in summer even under a burning sun.

High Tenacity

A double-weave structure, with high-tenacity nylon 6 dyed yarn, confers a high resistance to abrasion to the fabrics. In order to obtain the “high tenacity” quality, fabrics must undergo a serie of tests , where breaking strength, pilling, colour alterations and weight loss after a constant abrasion are analysed. No rupture trace must ensue in the tests carried out up to a value of 20.000 laps.

Recycled Bottle

The particular yarn, which includes fibers obtained through a recycling process of pet bottles, grants the same technical features of the polyester with a lower environmental impact. The use of this fabric respects the environment and contributes to the energy conservation and to the preservation of natural resources.

Nalini Membranes

Thanks to the Nalini research and to the cooperation with specialized suppliers, the use of  membranes combined with different families of fabrics allow to enhance the technical features and improve the performance, especially in relation to protection and breathability.


A thermoregulating membrane that offers excellent protection against water and wind, and maintains the microclimate between the skin and fabric wicking perspiration away. The extreme lightness and the shape recovery grant an excellent comfort without affecting the specific functionality. With a water resistance > 10.000 mm and a breathability of 900 g/m2 day, Moa Mantotex is one of the mostsuitable membranes for sport activities.


Thanks to the composition (100% PU) and to the unique structure of the polymer, this breathable and air resistant coating makes the optimum solution for manufacturing highly protective, long lasting and resistant textiles and garments, which – at the same time – are soft touch, elastic and lightweight. Permeability to water vapour 500/m2x24h. Air and wind resistant 15 mm/s.

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