Nalini Lines / Labels Categories

Nalini Apparel Lines

The fitting respects the principles of anatomy and ergonomics while riding, to be suitable for different users.

Experience and innovation, technology and “Made in Italy” craft quality lie as the strong points of a brand and company like no others.


Race: Garments with anatomical and ergonomic cut for demanding cyclists.

Regular: Standard fitting garments with a particular care to the comfort.

MTB: Garments specially designed for mountain bike for a great freedom of movement.

Ergo Line

Fit(s): Race

Where’s your Finish Line?
Addressed to those who like speed and performance and wants to be fitted in a “second skin apparel”.
Venture Line

Fit(s): Race, Regular

Get Lost To Find Yourself
Addressed to the growing world of gravel for the use on long distances, each jersey presents a specific technical focus together with a larger number of pockets and a more regular fit.

Color & Fun Line

Fit(s): Regular

Back To The Essential

We speak here to a rider who wants to stand out on the road with bright colours, for visibility and security reasons, but also for fun, because riding in a new kit is also this... is the pleasure to stand out with original colours and graphics. A mix of race fit and comfortable fit to be able to address to different needs.

Pink Line

Fit(s): Race, Regular, Slim

Femininity & Performance

Our PINK LINE offers all technical levels and concepts of use that we have in the man’s collection, of course in beautiful female cuts and taste

Full Season

Fit(s): Race, Regular

For all weather conditions

Windproof, rainproof, mid-warm and protective, the garments in the Full Season line are ideal for cycling all year round, in all weather conditions. Easy to wear and to carry with you, the garments in this line will ensure that kind of protection that on bike you often need to carry with you in many situation.

Black Label

Fit(s): Race

Inspired by pro riders

An extremely technical and high-performing range, specifically derived from Nalini’s experience in the world of professional teams and cyclists. Exclusive fabrics and treatments, ultra tight-fit, innovative technical solutions and specific pads are all you can ask of a piece of cycling garment.

Blue Label

Fit(s): Race, Regular

An extra stylish touch

Inspired by new trends, the Blue Label represents the most advanced line in terms of style. Innovative garments derived from the racing world and interpreted with a contemporary taste.

Red Label

Fit(s): Race, Regular

Comfort and performance.

Derived from the most technical garments, it marks the ideal combination of comfort, function and performance, which makes it suitable for the most demanding riders, as well as long training session, keen amateurs and less demanding cyclist alike. Design and graphics are the hallmarks of this line, giving the garments a dynamic and aggressive look.

Green Label

Fit(s): Regular, MTB

Offroad emotions

For those who prefer leaving paved roads and diving into nature. Special garments engineered for Mountain Biking, with light and dry jerseys and loose shorts with inner mesh and removable pad.

Pink Label

Fit(s): Race, Regular, Slim

Ladies got grit!

Pink Label pays a particular attention to taste, style and comfort, as well as to technical solutions which caters to the need of both the most demanding female riders during their long training sessions and those who simply want to do some aerobic activity. This collection emphasizes comfort, lightness and breathability, with trendy graphics and colours.


Fit(s): Regular MTB

Keep The Wild In You

This line is meant primarily for MTB but for its characteristics it is adaptable and comfortable for rides on bike-lanes too. The lower parts are baggy shorts with some pockets.

Multi function shorts adapt for SingleTrack, Trekking and also gravel rides in combination with one of our gravel jerseys.


Fit(s): Race, One Size Fits All

Attention for details

All the technical accessories required to complete every rider’s outfit.

A complete unisex collection of caps, gloves, socks, shoe covers and leg warmers


Fit(s): Race, Regular

Well being on your skin

Underwear helps to optimise the features of the outerwear in terms of protection and breathability. Specific materials and construction techniques, such as seamless manufacturing, improve the comfort and, hence, the overall performance. The collection includes Ultralight (highly breathable garments for hot climates), Light (for warm and temperate climates), and Mid apparel (suitable for all seasons).

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