Discover the Limar Air Revolution!

THE ANSWER IS THE WIND. When cycling, air is your main rival. That’s why our R&D focused on the helmet aerodynamics, studying the air stream and turbulence to guarantee athletes and amateurs areal and consistent advantage. The need to explore new limits in performance has now a solution. In the wind.

THE VALUE OF JUST ONE SECOND: We always compete against our limits, One second, one centimeter can really count. Both in races and in life. With Air Pro you achieve a reduction of 0,2% in the air drag coefficient, when compared to model Ultralight+. Or if you prefer a 20% increase in efficiency. This enables you to earn up to 1 second every 10 km in a time trial. Since every victory counts.

Helmet comparison

EVERY DETAIL MATTERS: Our helmets are high-performance, ventilated, comfortable, protective and aero. But our search never stops, since every little detail must contribute to boost comfort and performance. That is why we continuously look for innovative solutions, for our pro and amateur cyclists helmets. To be able to offer just the best.

Air Helmets Tech

Helmets Technical Information

Revealing The Secrets Of Lightness: Limar pursues and wins the target of offering the lightest helmets in the world. All Limar helmets are produced with in-mould technology: a highly technical production process where the eps inner shell is melted to the external microshell forming a single structure. The in-mould technique allows the realisation of lighter helmets, suitable to be approved by the world’s toughest safety standards. This process allows a great reduction in weight, yet ensuring a great impact resistance to the helmet. In 2007 Limar achieved the goal of creating the world’s lightest helmet thanks to its exclusive monocoque in-mould technology.


The Lightest Helmets In The World: The possibility of taking advantage of a strong know-how in EPS moulding has allowed Limar to pursue the constant innovation target of lightness, and to achieve important goals in the sector. Lightness and performance have such a primary role, so to become the main objective of Limar. The results of this philosophy is “THE WORLD’S LIGHTEST RANGE”, with its SUPERLIGHT and ULTRALIGHT helmets.

Ventilation Channels: The optimal ventilation of the interior of the helmet is created by a combination of inlet and outlet airflow channels. All Limar helmets are equipped with tailor-designed air vents in order to optimize comfort for the rider and to offer an immediate well-being feeling.

Ergonomic Pads

Ergo Fitting: minimal, simple, comfortable.  Limar fit systems provide a perfect adjustment in every direction, matching different head shape fittings. All Limar helmets offer a real cap-like feeling for each and every head, guaranteeing an incredible wearing ergo-fit comfort. A correct fit of the helmet is a crucial factor in reducing stress on the neck, providing comfort and maximum safety.

Ultrafit+ title=


Very performing: Minimal, simple, incredibly comfortable, this feather-light fit system provides great comfort,stability, adjustability.

Very ergonomic: The ultralight fit system allows real ergonomic fitting thanks to its vertical and horizontal adjustments. The horizontal adjustment allows up to 4 cms size adjustment, while the height adjustment offers 4 levels of nape sizing.


This system combines an essential design with comfort. The result is an easy adjustable, featherweight fit system.

Comfort +


Ergonomic, easy to use dialing wheel with a soft pad guarantees maximum comfort. The height adjustment offers perfect adjustability.


Naturally, safety is the most important aspect for you and also for us. It’s what it’s all about, protecting your head and that of your children. We are one of only a handful of manufacturers throughout the world producing helmets that comply with the worlds three toughest safety standards. Many companies cannot achieve all three.

That is our mission to provide you with the safest, best looking and most comfortable helmets that are available today.


Our on-going effort in research and development led us and is still leading us to the conquest of innovation and constant improvement of the helmet, in order to offer every biker a true added value. Limar innovation and technology are translated in what the biker wishes to satisfy.

Our world record for lightness with model ULTRALIGHT+ (175 gr) combines with the best airflow and comfort (analysis on the morphology of the different "heads" to ergonomically optimize the inside part of the helmet and subsequent research of the softest padding), and with an extreme care for details and design.