Limar Air  Master model helmet

Ideally suited for Gravel Bikes!



  • Sizes: 
    • M (53-57 cm / 20.9"-22.4")
    • L (57-61 cm / 22.4"-24.0")
  • Weight: M 240 gr / L 260 gr
  • Technology:
    • In-mould triple shell.
    • Aerodynamic design, slick fit.
    • 15 airvents, inner air flow channels.
    • AirFit-System with height adjustment and webbing connection.
    • Antibacterial and washable comfort pads.
Limar tech

Ideally suited for Gravel Bikes!

Air Master
Limar’s 30-year experience in designing and producing ever more advanced and performing models are all there to be seen. Through extensive tests in the Magny-Cours wind tunnel, we have worked on every single detail, to achieve the best possible balance between aerodynamics and ventilation. The result is AIR MASTER, a helmet with performance and comfort never seen before.
Air Master
Thanks to the Venturi effect, the fifteen air vents and the internal duct , the helmet grants the entry of a large amount of air, but with no compromise with its aerodynamic performance. Comfort is ensured by the circulation inside the helmet, where the air is channeled through the entire shell, and the accumulated heat is expelled, keeping the head cool.
Air Master
The construction technology of in-mould triple shell allows a complete coverage.Designed to balance aerodynamics and ventilation in a sleek and compact shell. The size adjustment is studied for a total adaptation to any head shape and size. The pads grant best comfort without interfering with the air flow and the ventilation channels. No detail is left to chance.

In the third episode recorded by our UK distributor, the focus is on LIMAR AIR MASTER and its incredible features in terms of aerodynamics, ventilation and performance.

(Click image above for link to Episode 3 on YouTube)

Air Master
Air Master
Air Master


Safety is our priority!

Be seen on roads thanks to the reflective decals and colors that makes riding safer in limited light conditions.

Reflective Is Better

Wear a helmet with reflective decals and colors to be more visible during the evening.

Be More Visible

You can be more visible with the LIMAR AIR MASTER in matt white yellow fluo, with both reflective decals and colors. It provides excellent visibility in traffic, or on dark streets.

Accessories can make the difference when you go for a ride.