Art. R94 -POWER Adjustable Alloy Central Kickstand For E-Bikes”
Art. R94 - POWER Adjustable Alloy
Central Kickstand For E-Bikes

Color: Black Code: 94VX00S-A01


  • Available in black
  • Great stability
  • Extra wide opening angle
  • Available for 26” and 28”
  • Adjustable length on the back side of the foot
  • Steel components with corrosion resistance up to 720h in salt spray test


POWER is the strongest central kickstand that URSUS has made in their 50 year history. The POWER stands at a 50-degree wide angle, which offers great stability. It can hold 55 kg making it the ultimate kickstand for your top-level e-bikes or cargo bikes.

The design of the POWER was inspired by the MOOI; clean and smooth lines to match the looks of your bike without losing any of the strength. The all new POWER is the strongest, most stable central kickstand currently available.