Art. 87 - Alloy Double Leg KickStand “BIG FOOT”

Art. 87 - Alloy Double Leg KickStand “BIG FOOT”

Color: Black Code: 87VN20S-A03

100% aluminium, designed to be equipped on trekking and city bikes. Available for 26’’ and 28’’. For special request we can adapt it for 20’’ and 24’’.


  • Strong head material
  • Available in 300 mm length\
  • Capacity load 50 kg (up to 110 lbs)

Made in Italy

URSUS BIG FOOT – Installation Measurements (For Your Convenience - Please Double Check Before Purchasing)

Due to the overwhelming amount of different makes and models of bikes, there isn't really an industry compatible list for universal parts such as this. The safest method is simply to note the measurements of the product you intend to install, and then check the measurements of your bike for clearance.