Magnus S700 Carbon Handlebar Stem

SCALING - It’s not about size, is how you use it: with Ursus you will always have the correct interaction with your bike. Different sizes, same aerodynamic position on your bike.

Magnus S700 Carbon Handlebar Stem

Want a bike that fits like a suit? Choose S700: this new stem lets you find a perfect balance, for the best ride experince.

Ursus has conceived a new integrated fastening system. This new
clamp, designed for Magnus H.01 and stem S700, allows you to replace it whenever you need and it is completely integrated in the stem.

Magnus S700’s "α" steering angle decreases when the "β" angle becomes wider. This product guarantees the same aerodynamic balance for all different sizes. Ursus promises you the best symbiosis with your bike.


  • Monolithic carbon composite
  • 3 special clamps
  • Same aerodynamic position thanks to the adjustable alpha angle
  • Weight: 140 gr (M size 100mm)


  • UD carbon finish black painted
  • Neutral colour