Ursus Miura TR 67 Carbon Tubular

Ursus Miura TR 67 Carbon Tubular

Miura TR Series

If you are a lover of the tubular and want to have the maximum aerodynamics, without giving up safety in case of wind, the MIURA TR67 are the wheels made for you.

The 28mm channel ensures a perfect coupling with 25 and 28mm tubulars and enhances the shape of the most generous covers allowing you to create the continuous profile with the rim. The carbon used is impregnated with a particular resin that is very resistant to the high temperatures reached during braking by the cyclist. To complete the set-up, and to ensure that the rim can express itself at its best, you’ll have 24 straight-head spokes and the Ursus R40 aluminum hubs machined by the CNC with highly smooth ball bearings. The choice of using Sapim CX-Sprint spokes allows the traction forces to be divided equally and more evenly during the most violent sprint and braking. Also available in the caliper brake version (see TR67 Disc).INCLUDED: wheels bag, 2 years warranty


  • Hubs: Alloy hub Al 7075 on SKF seal ball bearing high fluidity. R40 FRONT - 20 holes, R40 Rear - 24 holes. SKF high-slip ball bearings or CERAMICSPEED® bearings
  • Braking System: Carbon with heating protection shield and resin for high temperature.
  • Weight: Front 790 gr, rear 920 gr.
  • Rim: Made in Italy. 28’’ - tubular.  Full carbon fiber UD finishing.
  • Profile: Height 67 mm, Wide profile 28 mm.
  • Spokes: Straight pull black carbon steel SAPIM CX-SPRINT 24 front and 24 rear spokes.
  • Nipples: External brass type with locking system - black
  • Quick Releases:  Quick release WB05 in alloy.
  • Advised Tire: 28’’ - ø 700 for tubular
  • Also available in the version for disk brake (see TR67 DISC)