Ursus Cabrera Carbon 3 Spoke Front Wheel

Ursus Wheel bag

Countdown to Victory

Here is Ursus Cabrera, the three spokes road racing cycling wheel which underlines the performance of the Ironman of triathlon.

When the challenge is against the stopwatch, Cabrera makes you fly, thanks to its moderate weight and its aerodynamic shape.

You will be able to benefit from the low friction of this disk wheel, extremely reactive, till the finish line comes on sight.


  • HUBS: CARBON-ALLOY black; Rear axle in alloy AL7075. Seal ball bearing. System BBS.
  • WEIGHT: Front 720 gr
  • RIM: 28’’ – Ø 700 tubular. Monocoque 100% carbon fiber 3K to 3 spoke. Valve hole Ø 6.5 mm. Brake pads black prince Swiss stop.
  • PROFILE: Wide profile 20 mm.
  • SPOKES: Front 3 spokes wheel; 100% carbon fiber
  • QUICK RELEASES: 92 gr titanium
  • Comes with wheel bag