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Ergonomics is a science that studies the interaction between individuals and technologies. The quality of the relationship between the user and the means used is determined by the ergonomic level. The most important requisites that determine this level is safety, followed by adaptability, usability, comfort, pleasantness, comprehensibility, etc. The objective of ergonomics is to analyze the effects of technology on people, in terms of health, performance and behaviour.

Ergonomics is a preventive discipline, with the purpose of studying how to avoid damaging effects.

In order to create the SMP range we set a fundamental objective:

  • Reduce pressure on the perineum and the consequent pressing of neuro-vascular structures in order to decrease the incidence of genitourinary problems and disorders in cyclists.

To pursue this objective we set further goals: our saddles must have an innovative design and top quality.

Research and development activities led to defining exclusive patents with regard to shape, curvature and the dimensions of the various parts that make up the saddle.

All models are characterized by common and exclusive features of SMP production:

  • The nose of the saddle: the characteristic "beak" shape has been designed to provide a flat base for strain when sitting, for example when facing long uphill climbs and as help in descents, offering greater bike control using the thighs. Furthermore, the most important thing is that testicles are not pressed upward.
  • The central channel: its unusual dimensions permit the rectum, prostrate, pudendal vein, the dorsal vein and artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles, the vulva and clitoris to not undergo any pressure.
  • Cyclist's sitting position: body weight is divided between the rear and the lower part of the ischial tuberosities. The position is favoured by the back profile shaped in such a way to avoid pressure on the coccyx when riding on rough roads.
  • The length of the bars/frame: it permits any cyclist to find the correct position on the saddle, making installation particularly simple and efficacious on practically any frame/saddle support combination.
SMP SVT/Tour Saddles Design


All TOUR range saddles are made with an innovative production process conceived in the SMP laboratories to apply padding and the cover without having to use adhesives or mechanical fasteners.

All this translates into superior comfort, thanks to the softer and flatter surfaces and longer product life.

Saddles with self-modeling Gel inserts were designed to mould to the user's specific build while offering higher comfort and unique well-being.


City Trekking - City Touring - Home Trainer
  • TRK Man
  • TRK Man Gel
  • TRK Lady
  • TRK Lady Gel
  • Martin Touring
  • Martin Fitness
  • E-Bike Medium
  • E-Bike Large
MTB - Road Commuter - Single Speed
Free Ride/Dirt – Spinning - Home Trainer
  • Extra
  • Extra Gel
  • Hybrid
  • Hybrid Gel
  • Hell
  • Hell Junior
  • X-Ray
  • Extreme Medium
  • Extreme Large
SMP SVT/Tour Saddles Design Features

Gel Padding

Support Area

It is the result of in-depth ergonomic studies. It supports the cyclist's weight correctly distributing it over pelvis bones (ischial tuberosities) and buttocks. It protects the coccyx from bruises and shocks caused by the roughness of the terrain.

Self-Modelling Gel Insert

Saddles with self-modelling Gel inserts were designed to mold to the user's specific anatomy while offering extra comfort and unique well-being. Pressure distribution tests have demonstrated how, thanks to Gel, specific pressure on anatomy contact points are even reduced by 30%, promoting a high level of perineal perfusion that characterizes the  entire SMP saddle range.

Pressure Relief Area

The pressure relief area is distributed along the saddle length, starting from the back to the tip. Whatever the cyclist's position, it prevents delicate perineal structure compression, avoiding vein and capillary vessel occlusion and the chance of nerve injury.