Red Label Line

Nalini Red Label Collection is the collaborative work of Nalini’s designers who designed essential pieces to create the ultimate cycling wardrobe for recreational cyclists. It’s their chance to share their passion and expertise with cycling enthusiasts. The Red Label Collection features highly technical fabrics and applications with emphasis on comfort, functionality and performance.

Velocita 2.0  Short Sleeve Jersey
Podio 2.0 Short Sleeve Jersey
Volata 2.0  Short Sleeve Jersey
AIW TC Long Sleeve Jersey
LW Long Sleeve Jersey
AIW Nalini W Long Sleeve Jersey
Logo Ti Long Sleeve Jersey
Mizar A Long Sleeve Jersey
Mizar B Long Sleeve Jersey
Anilam Jacket
WS Classica Jacket
AIW Logo Bib Tights 2.0
AIW Classica Bib Tights 2.0
AIW Light Knickers
AHW Classica Bib Shorts
Gruppo Shorts
Gregario 2.0 Bib Shorts
Scatto Bib Shorts
Scatto Bib Shorts
Squadra Bib Shorts
Gregario Bib Shorts
Squadra Bib Shorts
Achernar Bib Knickers
Bondone2 Thermal Pants