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Coolmax - high moisture

Coolmax - high moisture


Active Performance:

●  Wicks sweat away from your body
●  Keeps you cool,dry and comfortable
●  Lightweight,soft and breathable
●  DuPont performance tested and certified

Dries fraster than other fabrics.

Nylon - Cotton - Cotton/Poly Blend - Treated Polyester

Moisture Loss

Moisture wicking comparison

Nylon - Cotton - Cotton/Poly Blend - Treated Polyester - Wicking Height in centimeters (after 10 minutes)

Cordura - fabric engineered for durability

Cordura - fabric engineered for durability

Cordura® is a high technology fabric engineered for durability, strength, lightness and easy care. Even the lightest Cordura® fabric has two times the abrasion resistance of comparable standard air textured nylon.

ECS Comfort System E3+ Protection Plus

ECS Comfort System E1

E1 – Absorption

Eschler e1 fabrics actively absorb perspiration without drying out the skin. Thanks to their hygienic, skin-friendly qualities and freedom of movement, they ensure outstanding wearer comfort.

Entrant® DT Type 5000 - Highly waterproof, moisture permeable

Innovation in comfort!

Toray’s new ENTRANT-DT exploits new potential in the world of waterproof, breathable fabrics. With a unique inner surface treatment, this innovative lightweight fabric has a smooth and refreshing, dry feel, while being highly waterproof and extremely moisture permeable. The result: greater comfort. • Highly waterproof and moisture permeable.

●  Windproof and durable water repellent..
●  Lightweight and packable.
●  No lining needed.



  • Moisture Permeability - Gelanots releases moisture through a Hi-Tech Polyurethane membrane.
  • Windproof and waterproof - Gelanots has excellent durability, waterproofness and windbreak performance.
  • Durability - Gelanots is strangthened for the extreme conditions encountered during physically demanding sports.
  • Softness - Gelanots offers the softness required for top quality fabrics.
  • Ecology - Gelanots is a new material that’s enviromentally friendly
  • Easy Care.

Interpower®  - Efficiency Of Movement

Interpower®  - Efficiency Of Movement

A new generation jersey performing fabric produced employing our DUAL e REPOC technologies. Its particular weaving brings to a reduction of the contact points between the worn garment and the skin (REPOC reduced point of contact). This generates a micro-circulation of the air thus avoiding an unpleasant feeling of a sticky fabric on humid skin, producing a well-being, comfortable and free sensation.. Furthermore, our DUAL weaving technology combined with our Interpower treatment helps in removing quickly the sweat to the outside and assures an ever-dry effect. The greater comfort and the well-being sensation that a DUAL fabric generates, can contribute to improving the performances and reducing the fatigue feeling.


Lombardia - Two way stretch fabric

A warp-knitted stretch brushed fabric produced with thermal technology by M.I.T.I. Its main strength points are: the thermic features, its elasticity, good resistance, dull look and an extremely favorable price/quality relation.


LYCRA - Super stretch fabric

Recovery super-stretch fabric, air permeable, strong, comfortable, and easy care.



Based on years of performance textiles research, LYCRA® SPORT fabric combines stretch fiber technology and demanding fabric performance testing standards designed for sporting activities that require a combination of:

  • lightweight

  • breathability

  • muscle support

  • freedom of movement

MantoDry - breathable

MantoDry - Breathable

Moisture is generated on the skin through transpiration. The fabric absorbs this moisture and quickly conveys it outside. The optimized synthetic fiber carries out constant evaporation and a more effective heat exchange. The result is a sensation of freshness on the skin.

●  Transpiring
Resists delicate washing

3 Mantofunction

●  ANTIBACTERIAL - The antibacterial effect covers more than 200 types of bacteria and also prevents odors. Various research laboratories guarantee that the effect endures even if the garment is washed in hot water.

●  DRY FEELING - Manto FUNCTION fiber is a new product that absorbs moisture and transfers it to the exterior through microgrooves on the surface of the fibers. Moisture is carried outside through capillarity where it is easily vaporized, keeping the skin fresh and dry. Body temperature is also controlled. Manto FUNCTION fibers are light, fast drying and easy to wash.

●  UV PROTECTION - This function protects from harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays both during the summer and when high up on mountains. Rays are blocked by the fiber which protects the skin from the excesses of long exposure.

Mantotex - heat regulating membrane

Mantotex® - heat regulating membrane


A thermoregulator membrane that offers excellent protection against water and wind, and maintains the microclimate between the skin and fabric. Light and elastic, it allow the evaporation of sweat for maximum comfort.

●  Great stretching and shape recovering capacity

●  Water resistance >2000 mm (UNI EN 20811/93)

●  Allows transpiration 300 g/m2 day (UNI 4818-26/92)

●  Windbreaker from 0 to 5 mbar, I/mm 10 cm2 (DIN 53887-1995)

●  High resistance to light (UVA UVB rays)

●  Does not swell in water

●  Resistance to delamination 5 (UNI EN ISO 105 E01/98)

Mantovent - wind protection

Mantovent - wind protection


Mantovent is a new direction in research and development of waterproofing and transpiring membranes; thanks to its composition (100% EA) and the unique structure of its polymer, is the real solution for creating fabrics, and tailoring garments, that offer high-level protection and long-term enduring performance and that are strong and at the same time soft, elastic and lightweight.

●  Unique extension and elastic recovery;

●  Water resistance 300 mm / UNI - EN 20811/93 ISO 811/81);

●  Steam transmission speed 1000 q/m2/day (UNI 4818/92);

●  Permeability to steam 3.6 mg/cm2-h (EN 344-1 (92).

●  High resistance to Tight (UVA UVB rays);

●  Unique resistance to hydrolysis;

●  Does not swell when wet; ‘High resistance to temperatures.

Manto W.R.T.

The innovative water repellent treatment rejects water with a drops roll-off effect. Oil and mud are rejected as well so that they can’t penetrate the textiles. As a result, you’ll easily clean & wash your garments.

Recycled Bottle - Pet Fabric

Recycled Bottle - Pet Fabric

RE-PET Is the new eco-friendly fabric developed by MOA SPORT and obtained through the recycling of PET bottles. PET yarns have same peculiarities of polyester yarns, but guarantee lower environmental impact .The use of this fabric respects the environment and contributes to energy conservation and to the preservation of natural resources

SNAIL IL Superleggero

Snail IL Superleggero

Snail, the super-light fabric. Snail is the new light weight fabric, made by MOA Sport. Its shell and thin structure assures a better perspiration: being like a second skin, it allows a perfect breath ability during any sports activity. Handle with care.



A warp-knitted stretch brushed super fabric produced employing our Thermal using particular polyamide yarns. The remarkable perspiration, burst, elasticity, comfort features combined with the soft and swollen handfeel of the brushing the unquestionable resistance also to strong uses and the easy maintenance, make it a real and undisputed reference point in the stretch brushed fabrics. Fabric suggested both for competitive uses and active-wear, outdoor, leisure and fashion clothing.

Teflon - water repellency

Teflon - water repellency


TEFLON ® provides maximum water and stain repellency without affecting breathability of the fabric. TEFLON® is durable to washing and dry-cleaning. (Follow manufacturer ‘s care instructions). Warm ironing or tumble drying will optimize thNalinie performance of TEFLON ®. TEFLON ®is dermatologically tested.



Thermo°Cool™ is a fabric made with smart fibre cross section that provides year-round thermoregulation and comfort

HIGH ACTIVITY: EVAPORATIVE COOLING ADVANSA ThermooCool™ evaporates moisture faster than other materials thanks to its unique fibre mix. The fibres with multi-channel surface give outstanding moisture transport. Hollow fibres allow enhanced air circulation and focus energy on the evaporation process.

LOW ACTIVITY: THERMOBUFFERING Hollow voids in the fabric provide a lightweight material with thermobuffering properties: it protects the user from temperature changes. This also prevents post exercise chill and still allows excess heat to dissipate into the air.

 Thermoroubaix® Aero

Themolite - Thermoroubaix

Hollow-core fibre provide Thermolite® fabrics with built-in insulation and wicking. Hollow-core fibre technology provides the most warmth at the lightest weight. The larger surface area allows for faster evaporation by speeding moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate more quickly.

Vuelta® High Performance

Vuelta® High Performance

An innovative bi-elastic techo fabric with LYCRA® developed for cycling, running, fitness and high-performance sportswear in general. Soft, comfortable and with a pleasant hand feel, VUELTA offers excellent benefits in terms of breathability, high resistance to pilling and abrasion as well as an exclusive anti-bacterial treatment that blocks the proliferation of bacteria.

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