Hibros Sport Saddle Cream

Hibros Sport Saddle Cream

150 ml Tube Code #: SS
250 ml Jar Code #: SSJ
500 ml Jar Code #: PSS

Hibros Sport Saddle Cream reduces friction and irritation to make cycling for hours more comfortable. Hibros Sport Saddle cream is specially formulated with Zinc Oxide, Bisaholol and phyto-extracts  of Calendula, Arnica and Devil's Claw for  fast, effective treatment - and long lasting protection from irritation due to long hours in the saddle.

This cream promotes good health and hygiene. The moisturizing and regenerating  skin properties are guaranteed by the  presence of Allantoin,  Panthenol  and Vitamin E.

Product not tested on animals.

150 ml. (Tube) - 250 or 500 ml. (Jars)