TF1 1.4
Tf1 1.4 Tech

TF1 1.4

TF1 is the little brother to the TFZERO in the PRO collection and completely suitable for all types of racing. TF1 maintains many of the same features as the TFZERO with more focus on comfort. The hand-bonded construction contributes to its rigidity and responsiveness and designed for long distance racing.

Custom made in Italy, the TF1 is also available as a custom frame to meet your specific demands at a unique price.

With its modern and aggressive shapes the TF1 is more than just a good looking bike. It is no surprise that super-man Nico Valsesia put the TF1 to the test on the most extreme roads in extreme conditions and ended up on the podium at RAAM 2014.

TF1 1.4

  • Uni-directional Toray Carbon bonded - Tensile strength 40 Tons
  • 795 g frame (M) / 360 g fork
  • Tapered head tube 1-1/8 upper and 1-1/2 lower
  • Frame available in size XL only
  • Hybrid version frame adaptable to both mechanical and electronic groups thanks to the innovative interchangeable bushings
  • Integrated cables for a determined and clean line
  • Direct mount derailleur attachment system, without the use of a clamp, to increase rigidity, shifting precision and lightness
  • Press fit bottom bracket without external caps, to further increase the rigidity.
  • Excellent rigidity/lightness/comfort ratio
  • Custom made in Italy
  • Direct mount derailleur
  • Excellent quality/price ratio