Frame bonded in Italy.

The frame can be equipped by an electronic group.

Outer skin in 1K carbon.

Customized frame available.

The frame can be equipped by a  mechanical gruppo.

Exclusive frame draw realized by Fondriest creators and technicians.

Carbon dropout.

Differential head tube: surfaces are perfectly “integrated” in between head tube and fork.

The frame with an integrated cable system is a neat feature of the cycle line and favours transmission.

Ultra Thin Seat Stays - The smalller seat-stays reduce weight and do not compromise the strength and stiffness of the frame.

Carbon frame bonded: High module carbon tubes are wrought and bonded by Italian craftsmen.

Frame with BB30 bottom bracket set

Frame with BSA bottom bracket set.

Frame with PRESS-FIT bottom bracket.

Fondriest Bicycle Frames (TFZero model) - Albabici Cycling Products


Steering differentiated from 1-1/8" above to 1-1/2" below and providing high torsional stiffness.


The integrated cables provide the entire frame with greater aerodynamic properties and compactness as well as a much more determined and neat line.

Fondriest Bicycle Frames (TFZero model) - Albabici Cycling Products


Ultra thin seats that allow high aerodynamics and reduce the weight of the frame thus not altering the mechanical properties and stiffness.


The carbon tubes are manufactured and bonded in Italy. Besides the mechanical advantages of this building technique, it is possible to create made to measure frames using this procedure; sartorial and unique work for each structure.

Fondriest Bicycle Frames (TFZero model) - Albabici Cycling Products


Monolithic carbon fibre dropouts and fork. The particular feature of these TFZERO rear dropouts are the two interchangeable parts, both on the right and on the left made from treated aluminium alloy, which when securely fixed to the dropouts simultaneously support the wheel and the gear unit. In practice the quick release wheel never touches the part of the monolithic carbon fibre dropout. A special interlocking profile of the aluminium parts with carbon fibre ones, allows safe change over even in total absence of screws that fix the attachment.