PUMA ARC - Road (Carbon frame kit with tapered fork, integrated seatpost and headset. MSRP = $3,990)

100% Hand made in Italy - Custom Size ONLY - Elec or Mech group setup - Non-refundable 30% deposit - 45 days for delivery.

*The prices are based on regular set-up. Any improvement or customization can result in a surcharge.

**Due to the wide variations(custom sizes, painting coatings, ISP and so on), weight can be assessed after the autoclave molding process only.


  • Fame kit with tapered Fork, Integrated Seatpost and headset
  • Shaped seat tube.
  • Press Fit B/B 41 x 86.
  • External cable routing and shaped tubing.
  • Interchangeable dropouts with glued screws on two parts (130 grams).
  • Dedacciai Stream full carbon, high module T700S, straight blade, 44 mm rake, weight: 400 grams.

The Puma ARC is made with a special carbon fiber built in Italy, on Favaloro specs. The tube is developed in a single body and no longer printed in various sections and then assembled. It’s made with a single skin, which means unique performance and an unparalleled rigidity, but also a high capacity to absorb shocks.

A one piece curved top tube, which links the head tube to the rear dropout: it increases the frame directionality, and sustains the rider weight, to increase the stability on the bend that allows a higher speed. This concept comes from MotoGP, instead of the typical trellis structure frame, since 2011.

Puma ARC Road Frame


The road bikes built in the Favaloro laboratory are distinguished for their qualities in terms of lightness, comfort and speed as a result of his knowledge of materials, geometry and aerodynamics.

Favaloro road bicycles are a mix of light weight and power, and provide the maximum in terms of performance. Favaloro strives to achieve extreme comfort and impeccable performance: thanks to this efficiency the performance is increased while minimizing the effort of pedaling.

Favaloro offers different road frame models, each with a specific personality that will be revealed to the user once the geometry is tailored to the rider. Proper fitting and distribution of weight over the bike are paramount to maximize the perfect mix offered by each frame model in terms of light weight, lateral stiffness, comfort, stability and precision in cornering.