PUMA FX - (Carbon track / pista frame kit with tapered fork, integrated seatpost and headset. MSRP = $3,990)

100% Hand made in Italy - Custom Size ONLY - Elec or Mech group setup - Non-refundable 30% deposit - 45 days for delivery.

*The prices are based on regular set-up. Any improvement or customization can result in a surcharge.

**Due to the wide variations(custom sizes, painting coatings, ISP and so on), weight can be assessed after the autoclave molding process only.


  • Frame kit with, Integrated Seatpost and Headset
  • Single fabric high modulus 3k carbon fiber Toray micro-weaved, frame.
  • Aero elliptic triangular tubing.
  • Oversized bladed rear triangle.
  • Wheel shaped seat tube.
  • Double stainless steel plaques on alloy drop-outs, to reduce the wear from the wheel.
  • Press Fit B/B 41 x 86.
  • Dedacciai tapered fork straight bladed, with alloy steering tube.
  • Biconical head-set 1½”: oversized radial upper bearings for a steadier driving; conical lower bearings to absorb the vibrations.
  • Dedacciai Stream full carbon, high module T700S, straight blade, 44 mm rake, weight: 400 grams.
PUMA FX Track Frame


The recipe for success on the track is the same that Favaloro uses day in and day out: experience and perfection in every detail. The Favaloro track frames are designed for short and long track competitions and have no equals for stiffness, reliability and aesthetics. They provide the best compromise between the need for agility in departing from a stationary position and a longer ratio to develop speed for medium-high distances.

The track frames are created with geometries and materials to maximize the transfer of power to the rear wheel which guarantees stability and quickness in changing direction. The measurements of the athlete are translated in geometries that conform with track regulations while allowing the rider to assume a powerful and aerodynamic position on the bike.

Michele Favaloro interacts with his clients to produce track frames specific to the different track disciplines.